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There are plenty of worth visiting venues in Poland. Splendid hotels and restaurants, breath-taking landscapes and magnificent mountains. A lot of places to fall in love with. But it’s ‘Kubiesówka’ that we are looking forward to just as kids are looking forward to unpacking Christmas gifts. Located in the small village in Beskid Zywiecki it is our “running home”. And we would be delighted to host you there!

We discovered this place more than a decade ago and guess what? We were terrified! Not exactly what you expected at the very beginning? Well, join the club, because we felt the same way. First thing we had to do after we had got there was marching with bags full of clothes up the never-ending hill. Heck of a workout, especially when you don’t know what to expect next. Not until we had reached the long awaited top did we realize there is no point in looking for fancy rooms with Wi-Fi and television. It’s fair to say that while you are reaching the top, all the achievements of civilization stay down at the base of the hill. And so do all the problems and distractions. At first, as teenage athletes, we didn’t appreciate it. Cause it’s hard. Wanna go the shop? You are free to do it, just remember you’re going to experience the 40-minutes long equivalent of skipping drills effort. Lacking entertainment? Maybe a TV show? Come to the dayroom, enjoy the drawn-out stories, just like in medieval times.  Talk to other people, make new friends, forget about your smartphone and… live!

First thing you smell in the morning is the aroma of scrambled eggs straight from „the happy hens” as calls them the hostess, Mrs. Teresa Komorek. Every meal here is a feast. You can be sure you will never be hungry – regardless of whether you are a meat lover or a vegetarian Mrs. Teresa will make sure you enjoy tastes of traditional Polish cuisine. What’s next? Next, you will go for a workout, with the hole squad, just like old times. Trails start right next to our lovely shelter and we have them almost exclusively for ourselves. It is a sin not to take an advantage of them by going for the unforgettable workout in beautiful natural environment.

Are you lost in daydreaming already? Let’s get down to some more specific information.


The private hostel ‘Kubiesówka’ is located 868 metres above sea level, nearby the village Glinka-Ujsoly in Beskid Zywiecki. Our coaches have already ran several training camps there, both during summer and winter. They know every trail like the back of their hands. Be prepared for demanding workouts, but at the same time don’t be afraid– our top priority is to carry out healthy and safe training sessions that lead to the proper physical development. Beside running workouts in the mountains we have also access to the local sports hall, where supplemental trainings will be conducted.

Accommodation and catering

Three meals per day are included in the price. Homemade and delicious. Both meat and vegetarian (by prior arrangement). What we believe, is that it is worth to go to a Michelin-star restaurant once in a lifetime, but on daily basis it’s better to have Mrs. Teresa’s meal on a table. We will be accommodated in nice and tidy bedrooms for two to four persons.

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Batch I – 20.02.2018-25.02.2018

Batch II – 26.02.2018-03.03.2018

Both camps start with a dinner and end with a final workout around noon.

Our staff:

Aleksandra Niwinska – a master in physiotherapy with a degree on Physical Education Academy in Wroclaw and an outstanding ultra-runner. She is a five-time 24-hour run Polish Championship medallist and has set a national record multiple times. Vice-European champion and bronze medallist with Polish national team on 24-hour run World Championship (both in 2015) with a distance of nearly 226km. A 12-hour run national record holder with 139.5km (a world best in 2016). In 2017 she finished second in 24-hour run World Championship with 251km and third in a prestigious Spartathlon Ultra Race (246km, from Athens to Sparta). The combination of her great experience and vast knowledge of physiotherapy provides both sports-efficiency and health care during our camps.

Maciej Zukiewicz – a journalist, former employee of Polish leading sports TV channel, TVP Sport. Also a former member of U18 Polish national athletics team as a 400m runner. Currently a certified PZLA (Polish Association of Athletics) coach of dozens of recreational and competitive runners, including Aleksandra Niwinska (since 2015). He has been running training camps in Beskid Zywiecki, Bieszczady and Tatra mountains. He is also an originator and co-organiser of the first ever running trip across North American National Parks. Two editions of this amazing trip took place so far and two more are planned for 2018.

Patryk Aid – a former athlete who had specialised in middle-distances. He has been successful in both competitive and recreational running. Currently a mountain running aficionado with significant achievements in this area. He finished third in a prestigious Polish trail run (Ultra Rzeznik – 110km) in 2017 and finished V in 100 km Polish Championship.


£250 for a batch (before 10th of February)

£100 paid in advance (before 20th of January)

Flight connection is not included. Transfer from the Katowice-Pyrzowice airport is included.

Bank account number: mBank 60 1140 2004 0000 3702 7716 5770 

Transfer title: Trening biegowy – Beskidy

No refund in case of member’s resignation. In case of cancellation of the camp, organiser commits to refund twice the paid amount.

Contact details:

Maciej – +48 510 186 108

Patryk –  +48 721 700 048

Aleksandra – +48 534 898 555

E-mail –

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